Meet The President

2017-05-25-17-43-50Q: Your Dad, second generation to run FoodPRO, recalls hanging banana stalks at a very young age. What is your first memory of working in the family business?

A: I started working at FoodPRO when I was 17. My first responsibilities were sorting rotten potatoes and building tomato boxes.

Q: You adopted a phrase; “Faith…Family…FoodPRO”. Where did that come from and why is it necessary?

A: The phrase started when I held my first meeting with the team. I explained that while our jobs are important, there are other things in our lives that are more important. For me, Faith is the most important priority, followed by family and then FoodPRO. Work/life balance is very important to me.

Q: The company has realized unprecedented growth from 2013-2017. You took the helm in 2013. The growth is far above industry standards, projections and results. If you had to sum up the reason for the growth in (1) statement, what would that statement be?

A: We’ve changed our outlook back the ways my father and grandfather ran the business. Every decision we make as a company we ask “Is this good for our employees?” and “Will this help our customers growth?”. If we can accomplish these two things than the company naturally grows.

Q: Being a 3rd generation family member to run the business, what is essential for you to implement to prepare for generation #4? Will you encourage one, all or none of your (4) children to become a part of the business? If so, Why? if not, Why?

A: I hope to do the same for my children as my father did for me. I was never pressured to work here. However, once I decided that I wanted to be a part of FoodPRO, my father has always been there to encourage me and help me along the way. The best thing he did for me was to have me start at the bottom and earn my way up. I will do the same for any of my children who choose to be part of FoodPRO.

2017-05-27-19-58-07Q: I believe success leaves clues. You, as well as your family, have experienced a level of success.

  • Define Success
  • Share 2 clues that have fueled that success

A: I see success as more than just the bottom line. To me, success is also being able to support our FoodPRO families in growing their careers. An added bonus is seeing second and third generations joining our team. All employees here are treated with respect. I try to listen to all of our employees and understand each of their positions. Their opinions are valued and important to me.

Q: You have worked in several different roles and departments within the organization over the 23 years you have been with the company. What role and/or department prepared you best for taking over as President in 2013? Why?

A: Not any one roll is more important than the other. Each position helped prepare me to become a better leader.

Q: Ok…Enough questions. Are you willing to play a word association game? I give you a word and you tell me first thing that comes to mind.

A: GREAT! Let’s Start!


Q: Interesting. You said Partners as your to customer. Can you explain that?

A: If we truly look at our customers as partners and work together, we will all have greater success.