Beyond Six Decades: Honoring Jack Brunk’s Legacy at FoodPRO 

As the golden leaves fall and autumn casts its warm, welcoming glow, we have a significant reason to celebrate this October. It marks the remarkable 61st work anniversary of Jack Brunk, a name synonymous with dedication and innovation at FoodPRO. Join us as we take a journey through time, tracing the incredible legacy that Jack has helped build at our beloved company. 

FoodPRO’s Roots – A Family Affair Our story begins in 1935 when Frederick Produce Company (FPC) was founded by Niemann and Milton Brunk. They embarked on a mission to deliver fresh produce to local retail stores, sowing the seeds of a remarkable legacy. Over the years, the company flourished, and in 1947, frozen foods became a part of the product line. FPC continued to grow, expanding into foodservice products in 1951, and later adopting a total foodservice focus in 1958. 

A New Era – Jack Brunk’s Arrival In October 1962, a fresh face joined the FPC family. Jack took over as president in 1968. Little did anyone know that his dedication and passion for the business would span six extraordinary decades. Jack’s journey mirrored the company’s growth, contributing to its success at every step. He’s not just a leader but a family man, caring about FoodPRO and the team as an extension of his family. 

In 1997, Jack was instrumental in leading FoodPRO to proudly become an Employee-Owned (ESOP) Company, a testament to his commitment to our team. Even as he achieved these significant milestones, Jack Brunk’s legacy extended beyond mere accomplishments. In 2015, Jack passed on his presidency to his son, Scott Brunk, entrusting him with the responsibility of leading FoodPRO into the future. However, Jack’s commitment to the company remained unwavering. He continued to stay in tune with the business as a board member, offering guidance, and mentoring his son as he navigated the helm of the company. 

The turn of the millennium in 2000 was a monumental year under Jack’s guidance, as FoodPRO emerged as the largest independent food service distributor in the Washington, D.C – Baltimore, MD market, a remarkable achievement. 

Each of these milestones, under the leadership and guidance of Jack Brunk, has brought us to where we are today. We are excited to continue this journey of growth and excellence, built upon the foundation of Jack’s vision and unwavering commitment to FoodPRO. 

As we celebrate Jack Brunk’s incredible 61-year journey with FoodPRO, we’re reminded that success is not just measured in numbers and expansion but in the dedication and unwavering commitment of individuals like Jack. His legacy is a testament to the values that have shaped FoodPRO and made it the industry leader it is today. Jack’s exceptional dedication to his faith and his unwavering leadership, guided by strong convictions, have been the driving force behind his remarkable journey and the company’s enduring success. 

Join us in congratulating Jack Brunk on this momentous work anniversary, and let’s raise a toast to the past, present, and future of FoodPRO, a company where family, tradition, and innovation are a recipe for continued success. 

Source : FoodPRO Marketing Department